SliceMonitor, a slicehost widget

10 dec 2008

I often find myself logging into my slicemanager just to check if it’s running OK and to view some basic stats such as my bandwidth usage. I used pingdom for a while to notify me about downtime, but since I’m a one man team running it it always received notifications when I knew it was down, so it didn’t really work out for me.

I noticed the Slicehost API a few weeks ago and creating a simple monitoring widget has been something that I’ve wanted to do ever since, so ladies and gentlemen - let me introduce you to SliceMonitor!


SliceMonitor is a very simple and basic slice monitor that utilizes the Slicehost API to fetch some basic info about your slices such as bandwidth in & out, what IP address(es) it’s running on and what it’s current status is.

The big green indicator to the left turns orange whenever something is going on with the slice so you can quickly spot if something fishy is happening.

Of course, this is no replacement for any monitoring tool out there - it’s just something I felt was missing and threw together one night.

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Charts with PHP and Google Charts API

13 apr 2008

Just yesterday I found out about the Google Charts API and I was impressed by this excellent service but noticed that creating multiple charts got pretty messy, especially if I wanted to edit the data later on.

I figured if I wanted to use this in the future, I’d like an easier way to create charts out of my data - thus the class GoogChart was born.

What I wanted to do was to simplify the process of calling the API, say I’ve got my data in an array called $data:

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